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Cultural Appreciation and Entertainment


FACE Honors and Gala Dinner Award Ceremony, is a celebration of Africa's influences on global economy, cultures and entertainment, in recognition of outstanding individuals, organizations, corporations and institutions whose outstanding courage, commitment, and passion have contributed to the promotion of democracy, education, cultural heritage, public service, philanthropic activities, diplomacy, community development, peace and security, in Africa and the African diaspora.


  • Nigerian cuisine
  • Silent auctions
  • Royal fathers of the day
  • Artists performances
  • Artists of diferent genre of music
  • Cultural dancers from West Africa
  • Arts Expo and Exhibitions
  • Poetry
  • Fashion show

This year, ten (10) individuals will be selected to receive the Esteemed FACE HONORS. Women in Leadership would be recognised, while celebrating Nigerian rich and vibrant cultures on a large scale,  to cultivate cultural bonds in the diaspora, through food tasting, music, history and culture.

 Solidarity Concession

There will be a solidarity concession display of flags from countries in Africa and other nations, during the program. We request that you dress in African regalia for the Gala Ball or bring your country’s flag with formal dressing for display to create awareness about the spread of HIV and aids in Africa and also a symbol of unity and peace in our communities.

The forum is to enhance public and private sectors involvement in promoting community economic development initiatives, diversification of Nigeria’s economy, small and medium enterprises for economic growth and job creation by creating an enabling environment for investment, and capacity building with the goal of strengthening regional security, energy, inter-parliamentary diplomacy, foreign policies, trade relations and philanthropic initiatives through cultural diplomacy. 



As the world is becoming a global village, in which there are no boundaries to trade and communication, there is a need in today's fast paced society and culture to engage in frank dialogue to gain a better understanding of the political economic, and social trends to remove constraints and recommend strategies that would bring about positive change by addressing challenges and opportunities for sustainability of democracy, regional security, economic growth and development.

We are excited to bring together people from all walks of life, among them, policy makers, young entrepreneurs, innovative business leaders, Non-Governmental organisations, distinguished Africans and academicians to network and follow-up on exploratory business meetings, pre-consultations and fact finding missions with the aim of strengthening bilateral relations, health and education systems, democratic and capacity building for effective governance, and economic development in Africa, particularly for Nigeria's future

Thank you for making plans to attend this highly anticipated event, an empowerment platform for young leaders to engage in productive dialogue that would prepare them for future leadership role in the world. We hope that the experience you bring back will go beyond just participating in the event to becoming Goodwill Ambassadors, to affect real change in Nigeria and Nigerian diaspora.

Best Regards, 

2017 US-Nigeria Legislative and Executive Leadership Organising Executive Committee
 US-Nigeria Legislative and Executive Leadership Forum

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