Roundtable Dialogue and Best Practice Sharing with Colleagues and Experts

Customised Meetings with Top Government Officials, Policy Makers and Industry Leaders

Cultural Appreciation and Entertainment

The forum is to enhance public and private sectors involvement in promoting community economic development initiatives, diversification of Nigeria’s economy, small and medium enterprises for economic growth and job creation by creating an enabling environment for investment, and capacity building with the goal of strengthening regional security, energy, inter-parliamentary diplomacy, foreign policies, trade relations and philanthropic initiatives through cultural diplomacy. 

FACE Honors and Gala Dinner Award Ceremony, is a celebration of Africa's influences on global economy, cultures and entertainment, in recognition of outstanding individuals, organizations, corporations and institutions whose outstanding courage, commitment, and passion have contributed to the promotion of democracy, education, cultural heritage, public service, philanthropic activities, diplomacy, community development, peace and security, in Africa and the African diaspora.


Gala Ball Dinner Reception and Award Ceremony Programs