Lawrence Freeman Have been involved in Africa for almost 25 years and have made over two dozens visits to the nations of Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Chad, and Ethiopia. Have studied the history and political economy of several African nations. Attend weekly seminars and forums on Africa in Washington DC including Congressional hearings on Africa. As a result I have attained an in-depth knowledge of both historical and current developments of Africa. Have written dozens of articles analyzing the political economies of Africa nations including, Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Mali, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Specialize in promoting policies for physical economic development, and have presented my ideas to government, and non-government circles alike both in Africa and the 
United States

Currently, Director of the African Desk for Executive Intelligence Review, a weekly journal reporting on political, economic, scientific, and cultural developments around the world. Has been following developments on the African continent for over 20 years, and has written dozens articles on economic development and the history of several countries including, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, South Africa. Sierra Leone, Ghana, Cameroon. Somalia, and Ethiopia.