The award is a celebration of Africa’s influences on global trade, economy and cultures, in recognition of outstanding individuals, organizations, corporations and institutions whose outstanding courage, commitment, and passion have contributed to the promotion of democracy, education, cultural heritage, public service, philanthropic activities, diplomacy, community development, peace and security, in Africa and the African diaspora.

FACE Honors Categories:

  1. Exemplary Diplomatic Service Award
  2. Excellence Award
  3. Outstanding Achievement Award
  4. Leadership Impact Award      
  5. Outstanding Executive Award
  6. Outstanding Contribution Award
  7. Corporate Statesmanship Award
  8. Outstanding Philanthropic Foundation
  9.  International Person of the Year Award
  10.  Best Cultural Contribution Award
  11.  Outstanding Organization Award
  12. Best Artistic Facilitation
  13. Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  14. Civic Statesmanship Award
  15. Global Statesmanship Award
  16. Outstanding Innovation Entrepreneur Award
  17. Public Integrity Award
  18. Distinguished Image Award
  19. Distinguished Service Award
  20. Lifetime Achievement Honour
  21. Community Achievement Award
  22. Unique Achievement Award

Criteria and Guidelines                                                                                                                        

FACE Award is conferred to individuals, organizations or foundations, who have contributed to community capacity development, good governance, active voice for positive change, entrepreneurial visionary and outstanding leaders in the community through volunteerism, charity work, profound contributions and distinguished service.

There are some necessary restrictions to be considered:
➢  FACE Honors is not conferred in absentia.

5.  Process for Nominations

When name of nominees are submitted FACE special review committee may request additional information from selected nominee when informed of the award notice before online voting commences.

7. Confidentiality

Every effort will be made to ensure that individual nominations and discussions of nominees be confidential throughout the process. FACE special committee will issue publicity or publication of names regarding the nominees, after online voting closes.