The award is a celebration of Africa’s influences on global trade, economy and cultures, in recognition of outstanding individuals, organizations, corporations and institutions whose outstanding courage, commitment, and passion have contributed to the promotion of democracy, education, cultural heritage, public service, philanthropic activities, diplomacy, community development, peace and security, in Africa and the African diaspora.


The FACE Selection Committee on Awards will screen nominations with supporting rationale for each of the following Honorary, Recognition or  Awards Categories: 

1. Community Recognition Award:

a. Honorary Ambassadorship
b. Honorary Doctorate Degree
c. Honorary Citizenship 

Criteria and Guidelines

Community Recognition Award is conferred to individuals who have made profound achievements, contributions or international significance, to scholarship, economy, culture, commercial, sports, education, arts, research, humanitarian work, and improved quality of life in society, countries and communities at large. It is important that recipients be persons of great integrity.

There are some necessary restrictions to be considered:

➢ Community Recognition Award is not conferred in absentia.

2. Special Recognition Award:

a. U.S Congressional Proclamation, Citation or Resolution Certificate 

Criteria and Guidelines

The US Congressional Proclamation, Citation or Resolution Certificate of Award is conferred to esteemed visitors or residents for outstanding philanthropic service, advocacy or contribution to the less privileged in community or society.

There are some necessary restrictions to be considered:

➢ U.S Congressional Proclamation, Citation or Resolution Certificate is not conferred in absentia.

3. Specific Recognition Award

a. Key to the City

Criteria and Guidelines

Key to the City is conferred to esteemed visitors or resident, to officially recognise individual accomplishments in public service, sports, movies, acting, writing, politics, act of heroism and outstanding civic contributions to the community.

 There are some necessary restrictions to be considered:

 ➢ Specific Recognition Award is not conferred in absentia.

4.  Process for Nominations

Nomination of candidates for Honorary recognition or Honorees may come from a variety of sources, including faculty members,  executive committees , members of associations, colleges, university, community leaders or board members of organizations. FACE selection committee, after a careful review, sends its recommendation to issuing body, dean or president of the accredited college, university or institution.

Initial nominations should include a brief summary of the individual’s accomplishments and reason for considering the individual for recognition, awards, or honorary degree. After initial consideration, FACE special committee may request additional material in support of a nomination.

The initial nomination letter should be signed by the proposer(s), respective dean/president of the university or briefly describe the individual’s accomplishments, including contributions to society when submitting information.

5.  Reviews, Selection, and Notification

The respective college committee, departmental faculties, issuing body or board members, reviews nominee’s information and make its final recommendations, at least 2- 4 months in advance of the commencement or award ceremony. Only after this action, will the nominee be informed of the award or recognition or award notice.

6. Confidentiality

Every effort will be made to ensure that individual nominations and discussions of nominees be confidential throughout the process. FACE special committee will issue no publicity or publication of names regarding the nominees, until final approval from the board of regents or issuing authority.

Documents for consideration should be submitted below: