AfriQtalk is a Limited Liability Company, incorporated in the State of Georgia, since 2010. It was founded on the ideas that Africans are introducing their own vibrant cultures, ideological diversity, and entrepreneurial ingenuity, infused with new influences from their environment, to achieving sustainable success. Since 2010, AfriQtalk has developed a well-earned business reputation for maintaining informed perception of the activities of the U.S federal government to providing expert guidance, facilitation, legislative consulting services, business/policy development  and workshops for interest groups, regulatory agencies, organizations or individuals in the legislative process, including security training, exhibition, expo, corporate events management with our team of experienced industry professionals. Read more

Former Ambassador Geoffrey Teneilabe served as the Ambassador/Consul-General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, in Atlanta, GA with jurisdiction over 17 Southeastern States of the United States and territory. The States include: a. Alabama, b. Arkansas, c. Florida, d. Georgia, e. Kansas, f. Kentucky, g. Louisiana, h. Mississippi, i. Missouri, j. New Mexico, k. North Carolina, l. Oklahoma, m. Puerto Rico
n. South Carolina, o. Tennessee, p. Texas, and q. West Virginia. Ambassador Teneilabe obtained his Bachelor of Science (Mass Communications) from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and Master’s degree in (International Law and Diplomacy) also from the University of Lagos. A pioneer graduate of Nigeria’s Foreign Service Academy, Ambassador Teneilabe is also a member of the Institute of International Affairs, Lagos, and named for The Gambian National Honours. Read more!

Lawrence Freeman Have been involved in Africa for almost 25 years and have made over two dozens visits to the nations of Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, Chad, and Ethiopia. Have studied the history and political economy of several African nations. Attend weekly seminars and forums on Africa in Washington DC including Congressional hearings on Africa. As a result I have attained an in-depth knowledge of both historical and current developments of Africa. Have written dozens of articles analyzing the political economies of Africa nations including, Sudan, South Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya, Mali, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Specialize in promoting policies for physical economic development, and have presented my ideas to government, and non-government circles alike both in Africa and the United States. Read more.


Mr. Aliyu Mustapha

Ambassador Geoffrey Teneilabe

Lawrence Freeman

Ambassador Princess Asha Okojie         

CEO, AfriQtalk Consult.

Aliyu Mustapha has been the Managing Editor of Voice of America’s Hausa Service since 1989. In this capacity, he focuses on breaking news, as well as the planning and enterprise coverage for a total of 16 hours of weekly radio programming on shortwave, AM and 24/7 audio mobile stream. In June 2015, Mustapha secured the first exclusive one-on-one interview to an international broadcaster with then newly elected Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. Prior to joining VOA, he worked with radio and television stations in Nigeria, including the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). While at NTA, he rose to the position of acting Director, News and Current Affairs Division in his hometown of Sokoto. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Maryland. Read More.