The FACE Foundation helps NGO's to create awareness through fundraiser events or donations to sustain charity work and humanitarian services in communities in Africa and African Diaspora.​ FACE Foundation is mainly supported through volunteerism to assist in community development initiatives, and collaboration with non-for profit organisations, public and private sectors of government and businesses. To volunteer for any of the following programs click here.

Community Development/Initiatives:

  • Empowerment Programs
  • Community Outreach
  • Expo, Health and Job Fairs
  • College Recruitment
  • Computer Training
  • Business Networking
  • Cultural Activities
  • Student Exchange Program
  • GED, TOEFL, SAT and ACT tutoring 
  • English proficiency for US citizenship
  • Job/internship placement
  • Home Economics Education
  • Pageants and Fashion show​

We believe in synergy that's why we collaborate and partner with selected non-profit cultural and social organisations, to promote cultural awareness, empowerment programs, arts relations, and capacity building through fundraising events, summer programs and workshop. ​​As part of our wellness initiatives, African dance, home economics education, percussion, cooking and music lessons are offered during the summer to young adults with the aim to learn problem solving, self reliance, self esteem, and creative skills.

​​Cultural Education and Wellness

FACE  celebrates cultural diversity by hosting cultural activities, intercultural exchange programs and empowerment workshops to develop positive interaction and perception about Africans and Africa. 

​​Recording Studio and Craftsmanship

FACE creates an interactive learning environment to engage youth in building self esteem, critical thinking, and craftsmanship skills by providing artistry experiences to young talents, and creative minds. 

Educational Programs:

Every year FACE assists asylees, refugees and high-risk kids to achieve academic success by providing coping skills, and information needed to achieve academic success by connecting them with mentors and after schools programs to take advantage of the many resources that are available to them. Our FACE illiteracy program is designed to empower parents to achieve their personal goals, develop coping skills to adapt to their new environment, prepare them for USCIS citizenship classes, and process of acquiring citizenship. 

Social Services:

FACE provides school supplies to help with basic reading, writing, math skills for refugees, and asylees who arrive in the United States with little education. Other includes; access to healthcare, immigration services, transportation, appointments, filling out application, driving lessons, computers classes, and language interpretation.