THINK=>WEST Initiative “Empowerment for Sustainable Development” an NGO that is focused on good governance, youth empowerment, advocacy and community economic development through alliances of individuals, businesses, public and private sectors to achieve a shared goal.


To bring together, Think Tanks from all walks of life for exchange of ideas to promote development and awareness in communities through philanthropic  initiatives, reforms, advocacy and exchanges.


To promote good governance, youth empowerment, community economic development, programmes and projects, for sustainable economic growth and development.


To reposition Africa in the 21st century by making available the resources and expertise for global economic and innovational competitiveness

THINK=>WEST promote interactive dialogue to strengthen and empower communities/institutions for sustainability of democracy, unity, peace and security relations.

THINK=>WEST Initiative creates awareness through community events, conferences, training and workshops to empower women/youth through social and cultural exchanges.

THINK=>WEST is mainly supported through volunteerism and donations from foundations, charity organizations, public and private sectors of government. 

Community Events/services

  • Empowerment Programs
  • Community Outreach
  • Expo, Health and Job Fairs
  • Computer Training
  • Scholarships for international studies
  • Cultural Activities
  • Exchange Programs
  • Medical Missions
  • Tutorial Workshop
  • Job/internship placement
  • Migrant Agent for immigrant investors program (EB5)
  • Adult Education

THINK=>WEST Initiatives creates synergy with selected non-profit cultural and social organizations to promote cultural awareness, empowerment programs, arts relations, and capacity building through fundraising events, summer programs and workshop. ​​As part of the wellness initiatives, swimming lessons are offered during the summer to young adults with the aim to learn problem solving skills.

​​THINK=>WEST offers interactive learning platform, by engaging youth in building self esteem, critical thinking, and craftsmanship skills by providing artistry experiences to young talents, and creative minds through pageantry and writing competition, provide reading books, computers and medical supplies to help schools in developing countries in promoting reading, innovation and wellness through creative arts, math, and reading skills, including basic hygiene, vocational and computers training,

THINK=>WEST monitors elections for free and fair count, to meet international election standards, empower and provide voters education, registration and information to promote good governance and civic duties.

THINK=>WEST Annual All White Party Affair is to raise funds for under privileged kids/youths to bridge academic and the achievement gap in school in Africa by providing coping skills, tools and information needed to achieve academic success, and connecting them with mentors, and job opportunities as well empowering their parents to eradicate illiteracy to achieve their personal goals, and development.