Volunteers played a key role in the success of our events and programs. This helps to ensure the events are safe and experience is memorable for attendees and performers. This document outlines exactly what you can expect from becoming a volunteer at any of our events. 

Our requirements are that you: 

  • Are reliable 
  • Arrive on time
  • Carry out the duties allocated to you 
  • Work safely 
  • Work positively as part of a loyal team of volunteers 
  • Ask for help if it is needed Remain calm and cheerful under pressure 
  • Must not use, possess or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time while volunteering 
  • Must not verbally harass or abuse any person or use foul language while volunteering
  • Immediately notify the Volunteer Manager/Area Coordinator if you are unable to attend any shift 
  • Respect confidentiality Uphold the standards and values of the festival. 

We will ensure that: 

  • You are provided with sufficient training to carry out your allocated duties safely 
  • Your work is appreciated
  • Your feedback is welcomed and valued. 

The Rewards:

  • FACE  volunteer t-shirt
  • Official Certificate of Appreciation 
  • Access to ticked venues and performances. 

Safety Principles:

Volunteers will always put safety first in all activities and only work according to your level of competency. All safety concerns must be reported to the Volunteer management of official staff.​