To encourage policies and platforms  for sustainability of democracy,  peace, and security.

The Festival of Arts, Culture and Expo (FACE), supports non-for profit organizations, private and public sectors of government and business enterprises, by encouraging policies to create a learning and enabling environment, remove constraints and recommend strategies to promote investment, capacity building for the development and maintenance of primary, secondary and tertiary sectors in Africa and African Diaspora through cultural diplomacy. Our events are a combination of both conferences, and awards recognition, aimed at creating interactive platforms, to promote youth/women empowerment, community economic development, culture appreciation, fair trade/foreign policies and investment opportunities. 


FACE Global Leadership is a platform designed to promote arts, culture, tourism, capacity building, and education initiatives for sustainable development policies and programmes by building cross-sector collaboration and participation between investors, public and private sectors of government and business enterprises in Africa and the United States through forums and awards recognitions.  The platform brings industry leaders, public and private sector stakeholders together for the exchange of information, knowledge, innovative ideas, to discuss opportunities, challenges and best practice sharing in travel, hospitality, investment and aviation industry with the goal of strengthening security, trade, cultural relations and diplomacy. 


The award is a celebration of Africa’s influences on global trade, economy and cultures, in recognition of outstanding individuals, organizations, corporations and institutions whose outstanding courage, commitment, and passion have contributed to the promotion of democracy, education, cultural heritage, public service, philanthropic activities, diplomacy, community development, peace and security, in Africa and the African diaspora.


To narrow  the achievement, and development gap in socioeconomically disadvantaged communities arts and culture.

To make available the necessary programs, infrastructures and facilities for community economic development.